Understanding the Investment Opportunities by Purchasing Gold and Silver at www.Monex.com

Investing in gold coins from www.Monex.com has proven to be a quality investment that hedges against inflation along with currency devaluation and debasement. While many investors choose to turn to the precious metal coins to reach their goal investments, they sometimes become confused on exactly why gold and silver coin collecting requires significantly higher premiums than purchasing gold and silver bullion.

Anyone that has ever purchased gold and silver bullion coins understands that there is a small premium that is required when making a purchase. However, this is far less of a cost than purchasing numismatic coins, or rare coins that have an extensive intrinsic value in addition to their weight in the precious metal.

Owning Gold and Silver Coins As an Investment

On the last day of December 1974, all American citizens regained their “right” to purchase gold bullion. Up until that point, since 1933, all Americans only had the ability to own numismatic coins. Over those decades, the prices of the coins were defined more because of their collectible interest, then by weight of their precious metal value. Collectible numismatic coins are often sold at many times the value of the precious metal weight they contain. Alternatively, gold bullion coinage is sold with only a small premium over their gold value, and never achieves a higher value than their weight.

New Gold Investment Opportunities

Since the historic event in 1974, Americans now have many new gold investment opportunities. Numerous types of coins have become extremely popular over the last few decades, including the South African Krugerrand, Mexican 50 Pesos, and Austrian bullion gold coins. Today, these coin stand as a foundation on which the gold coin bullion market is based.

Most Popular Gold Investment Coins

In the current market, American Gold Eagle coins seem to be the most popular gold bullion coin for investing around the globe. Although the South African Krugerrand is almost never imported into United States, it still remains very popular with dealers and coin collectors trading thousands every day.

Other Popular Gold Bullion Coinage

Of all the other popular gold bullion coinage available from www.Monex.com, Canadian Maple Leaf coins are almost as popular with investors as the United States Gold Eagles. Although, some coin collectors are unsure of the coin because the Canadian Maple Leaf is easy to damage or scratch. This has helped to weaken the resale market of that specific gold coin.

Not As Popular Goal Investment Coins

There are gold investment coins that are not as popular as the American Gold Eagle, the South African Krugerrand, and the Canadian Maple Leaf. These include the Hungarian 100 Koronas (an Austrian 100 Coronas sister coin), and the Austrian Philharmonics.

Investing in the Long-Term

The dedicated, experienced representatives at www.Monex.com have assisted thousands of investors strengthen their investment portfolios by helping them invest in gold and silver products. They understand that investing in gold and silver coins and bars is a significant way to offset financial fluctuations of other trading strategies. They know that investing in gold is becoming a necessity because it provides a safe haven to guard against inflation.

Investing in Silver

The experienced numismatists at www.Monex.com understand that investing in silver instead of gold can at times offer significantly better performance with greater profits. Adding to the appeal of investing in silver products, many investors find themselves profitable faster than choosing numismatic gold coins. Often considered a “poor man’s gold”, silver can at times help individuals amass far more wealth than using other trading instruments.

With the availability of gold, silver and platinum at www.Monex.com, there are all types of products that are suitable for every investor, and budget. These include U.S. bullion coins, foreign coins, and bars of various sizes. Through www.Monex.com, it is easy to capitalize on long-term asset preservation and the potential for unlimited appreciation in the value of precious metals.

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