The Magic of Mistakes

In this world, mistakes are perceived as bad and to be avoided. However in the world of deduction, the more mistakes a person makes, the less intelligent that person is thought to be. In the worlds where all the business deals, a mistake actually is opportunities to learn something new, something that you did not know before. ptg00138134

The more mistakes a person made, the more the person learned. Some people actually said, “There is bit of magic hidden in every mistake. So the more mistakes made, actually is time to learn from.

However, keep in mind the frustration when you went through as you struggled during the process of learn from mistakes. That is the magic found in mistakes. Bar in mind, when people have less mistakes such as a people that excellent student in school. He rarely made mistakes, which was why he had such high grades.  The problem was that at age 50, he seemed to have made one of the biggest mistakes in his life and he could no recover from it.

When this A grade student at age 50, he is hitting the streets… and the streets are a very tough teacher. In school, you’re given the lesson first. On the street, you’re given the mistake first then it’ up to you to find the lesson, if you ever find it. Since most people have not been taught how to make mistakes and learn from them, they either avoid mistakes altogether, which is a bigger mistake or they make a mistake but fail to find the lesson from the mistake.

That is why you see many people making the same mistake over and over again because they have never been taught how to learn from their mistakes. In school, you are considered smart if you don’t make mistakes. On the street, you’re smart only if you make mistakes and learn from them.

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